Our Collection 

Our school library collection contains over 5,000 copies and can be searched from anywhere with internet access.  Click here to begin a search:  Whitesburg Elementary Follett Destiny Catalog Search.


Accelerated Reader

Our school uses Accelerated Reader, therefore, most of our library books are color coded and labeled according to reading level.  This aids students in selecting books that will enable them to practice reading on a level that will be most beneficial to them while increasing comprehension skills.  If you are not sure if your book is an AR book?  Check:  AR Bookfind

To see your child’s earned AR points and accuracy percentage:  Go to: Renaissance Home Connect and log in with the user name and password from the AR Home Connect letter that was sent home with your student at the beginning of the year.  Note:  students cannot take AR quizzes through this website.  It is only for monitoring AR progress.


Computer Technology

Students attend Computer Technology class once per week to learn and practice various digital literacy skills.  The curriculum includes basic computer hardware, keyboarding, coding, netiquette, online safety, and the creation of various types of documents.  Our primary focus is to familiarize students with the keyboard in grades K-2 so that they can become proficient keyboard users in grades 3-5.